Top Four 24 Hour Fitness Clubs

Fitness clubs that are open 24 hours offer round the clock gym availability. Everyone likes to work out at a different time and having a local gym that is open when you are awake is important to sticking with the program. Here are the top four 24 hours gyms for 2010.
Anytime Fitness – This club is relatively small when compared to the big boys with only 1,000 locations across the United States. Being open 24 hours poses a security issue but the club heads that off with emergency lanyards connected to local law enforcement and 911. The entire club is fitted with cameras that record throughout the night. The club also allows access to members only with secure, key fob entry.

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The Best – Equipment is modern and beautiful. There is more than enough cardio, machine and free weight equipment for even the busiest crowds in most clubs. The prices are very affordable at about $29.99 per month, per person.

The Worst – Not every club offers a shower facility or locker room. This could make working out before heading off to the job more difficult.

Snap Fitness – Snap Fitness is another 24 hour fitness club with high levels of security and key fob entry 24 hours a day. Both Snap and Anytime use Matrix equipment. Snap does gain popularity points, however, due to the “no-commitment” membership. You can join this club for a low, fixed rate (around $30.00 a month) on a month-to-month basis.

The Best – The month-to-month membership is the best deal for people who KNOW they will continue working out.

The Worst – No locker room facilities.

24 Hour Fitness – This small club chain is quickly becoming a household name. Famous as the equipment partner for “The Biggest loser” on NBC, 24 Hour Fitness is the ultimate in 24 hour fitness clubs. Unlike Snap or Anytime, these clubs can include a kid’s club, whirlpool, swimming, sauna, basketball and group exercise.

The Best – New Years pricing is only $20.75 a month when an entire year is paid in full. The clubs offer day care which is perfect for moms who want to get into better shape.

The Worst – Huge, busy gyms tend to be a little overwhelming for people who are overweight. There are also only 400 locations in the United States with most being on the West Coast.

X-Sport Fitness – Anyone living outside of the Chicago area may not have heard of X-Sport Fitness, but they are quickly gaining momentum on the big players in 24 hour fitness. X-Sport has locations throughout Illinois with two clubs in Washington DC and one in New York. One of the best parts of this chain is the website. There is a huge library of fitness and healthy eating articles online that are free to everyone even if you are not a club member.

The Best – The club is huge and offers a spa, personal training and group exercise. There is also no commitment when joining and a child’s play area with closed circuit TV.

The Worst – The locations for this club are very limited. Some members may feel lost in the crowd at a larger club.

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